Welcome to Sol y Luna:

Sol y Luna is a Reiki healing room that I created in Brooklyn, NY.
”Sol y Luna” means Sun & Moon in Spanish

Reiki is a universal life force energy that can be used by all.
It is one of the most effective techniques used in many healing methods.
Through the use of Reiki, you will discover that everybody has the power of healing within themselves.

Upon completing the initial Reiki attunement, a connection will be opened.

This connection will enable access to the unlimited universal energy that surrounds us.
As you use Reiki in your everyday life, this connection will become clearer,
which will enable you to feel a stronger connection to this Reiki energy.
Once this connection is opened, it will never fade away.

As you progress, you may feel various changes in your body and in your mind.
You will release negative thoughts and negative energy and you will feel your body and mind become balanced.

You will realize the abilities that you already possess inside of you and you will be able to fill your life with happiness,
love and harmony.

I hope that you have a wonderful life using Reiki's unlimited energy.
I look forward to meeting you at Sol y Luna.

With love and light,
Reiki Master & Teacher 
                            e-mail    norico1@earthlink.net
                                       tel         718-486-3356

          painted by norico