About the distance Reiki 

From the Reiki level 2,
you will be able to send the energy distance.
For example, send the energy to the family living in the another country,
or send the energy to the person in the next room,
or send to yourself in the train.
Believe or not, anyone can do it from the Reiki 2.
(You have to have a permit from the person you want send the energy.)

I will send the attendance list to the persons Reiki level 2 or up
about one hour before the circle start.
Sender will send the Reiki when the time.
Receiver can lay down or sitting silently.
If you can self treatment in that time,
it effort will be more increase.
I recommend to take the Reiki energy as many as you can to purify your body and mind and soul. 
At Sol y Luna, every new moon and full moon day (two times in the month)
held the distance Reiki circle.
It is 30 minutes in a one time.
You can receive or send the Reiki anywhere in the world.

Anyone welcome after you take the healing or the class at Sol y Luna.
I send the information every time by e-mail.
If you can attend that time,
Please let me know by e-mail back.

                   @Costa Rica


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