Reiki class


At Sol y Luna, all Reiki classes are private lessons.
(but you can take a class with your friend-
limited two persons in a class)

I strongly recommend to take a full healing session at least once before the class.
You need to get used to Reiki energy and purify your body and mind with Reiki,
and it is helpful for the attunement in a class.

If you have only one day available, you can take one hour healing session before the class.

There are 4 levels in Reiki curriculum.
Each class will be completed in one day.
(about 5 hours)
After you take the Reiki 1 class, you will be able to do hand healing to yourself and others from that day.

It is completely depend on a person as to what level of Reiki you should take.
But I recommend after Reiki 1 , it is better to integrate Reiki in your daily life,
before you go to Reiki 2.

 <Reiki curriculum>

The requirement for each level

Reiki 1 (first degree)        anyone who is interested in Reiki
Reiki 2 (second degree)   a person who have completed the Reiki 1
Reiki 3 (third degree)       a person who have completed the Reiki 2
Reiki 4  (master degree)   a person who have completed the Reiki 3
※The Reiki 4 master course is only for a person who has sincere intention for teaching Reiki.

<main contents of each class>

<Reiki 1>  Open the connection for Reiki energy ( 4 attunements)
      Learn the basic of understanding Reiki, Reiki history
          and basic hand positions.
      Practice healing for yourself and others.
      And learn the breathing techniques, Aura cleaning and techniques for purification
              of body and mind and learn ways to use Reiki for everything in daily life, 

<Reiki 2>       Be initiated of 3 symbols and mantras of Reiki (4 attunements)
              By using them, you will be able to give distance healing and send Reiki energy
              to your past and future.
              During the class,you will practice for the distance healing.
              And learn the western Reiki techniques such as the Reiki box, and at same time,
              you learn the traditional Reiki techniques such as the Byosen method.

<Reiki 3>  Be initiated to use the Master symbol and the mantra (3 attunements)
      This is the highest level in Reiki healing system.        
      Learn to meditate to connect with your higher self and higher spirits.

<Reiki 4>  For the persons who want to teach Reiki to the others.
      Learn the techniques for  teaching and giving the Reiki attunement.
      By learning knowledge as a Reiki master,
      you will be more deeply understanding of Reiki.