About reiki

Reiki doesn't require any hard training.
(although it needs some practice)
Anyone can receive the Reiki energy and heal oneselves and others
from the moment the attunement has been completed.
 Reiki doesn't require any tools and it is a very simple way to get universal life force energy
 only through your hands.
 Even so that it is simple, it heals acute pains and chronic pains as well.
                   During Reiki healing, you don't need any intention or concentration.
                You don't have to use your own energy.
                In Reiki healing, you just need to put your hands on a part of a body,
                then the energy start to flow naturally.

                While you are healing with Reiki to others, you are healing yourself
                at the same time.
                becauseReiki energy is flowing into yourself as well.

                And you don't receive any negative energy and 
                you can't send negative energy by Reiki as well.
                That is why Reiki is very safe healing technique for everyone, 
                even child, pregnant woman, sick person and the elderly can use it.

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